Amar Singha
Amar Singha
West Bengal India
About Me

I am a self employed fine artist have been working in the field of international contemporary art since 1999. My form is mainly based on geometric style, although my line drawing and the style of color making I have taken from Indian miniature and modified it according to the demand of my mind.  


Diploma in fine art.( Western Painting ) Institution - Academy of Fine Art.( Calcutta) Specialist in - Western painting, Indian miniature, Design Special study on abstract painting, Udemy, America.


Upcoming exhibition - Berlin 


Award - Special Recognition Award, from American art gallery- Light Space Time in 2013. Honorable Mention Award from International Visual Artist Challenge (IVAC) in 2013 Certificate of excellence by Artavita, for the digital painting, Evening (2015) Listed artist of Global art directory and Big art directory of London. Represented by - Artist-Info(London). Art Biz (Europe), Seat 2014(America), Big art directory(London), LST gallery(Florida).

Passion - 2
Product Code: CE102731 Size: 29" X 36" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 40000
Basanta Raag With Ragini Hindoli
Product Code: CE102117 Size: 36" X 28" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 68000
Megh Raag With Ragini Madhumadhabi
Product Code: CE102115 Size: 36" X 29" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 68000