Chaitali Chatterjee
Chaitali Chatterjee
Gautam Buddha Nagar India
About Me

I am an artist both by instinct and by training. I belong to the Eastern Indian state of Bengal which is known for its strong artistic traditions.  I developed an interest in painting at an early age through rangoli (traditional designs made on the floor and walls in Bengal). I won awards at a number of national and international painting competitions while still at school.  
I received formal training in art at Delhi’s College of Art where I was taught by some of India’s leading painters including Manjit Singh Bawa, Bimal Dasgupta and Bishwanath Mukherjee. 
My specialization was in commercial art and for many years I worked as a freelance commercial artist. 
I took up oil-on-canvas paintings seriously in 2006. Since then I have made more than 150 paintings of which more than three fourths have been sold. The imaginative use of space and colours has been my strong point.
I have held thirteen solo exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions till date. I have attended a number of workshops in and around New Delhi.


Bachelor of Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art (1975-80)


2007 : All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi September (solo)
2007 : Dehra Dun Club, October (solo)
2007 : YMCA, Greater Noida, December (solo)
2008 : AIFACS, October (solo)
2008 : Dehra Dun, October (solo)
2008 : INDIA HABITAT CENTRE, New Delhi (solo)
2009 : Shanta Art Gallery, Birbal Road, New Delhi (solo)
2009 : AIFACS, New Delhi (group show)
2009 : AmercianCenter, New Delhi (solo)
2010 : Art India Experience, Gurgaon (group)
2010 : AIFACS from September 15-21(solo)
2011 : Taj Hotel, New Delhi, February 21-27 (solo)
2011 : Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, June 27- July 3 (solo)
2011 : FACE India International Humanism Recovery Festival (group)
2012 : AIFACS, New Delhi, September 1-7th (solo) – This exhibition was inaugurated by the Press Minister of Bangladesh High Commission, Mr. Enamul Haque Chowdhury. My paintings were highly appreciated by the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India, Hon. Tarique Ahmad Karim and Mr. Enamul Haque Chowdhary.
2012 : Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath, Bengaluru, December 1-7th (solo)
2013 : Taj Hotel, New Delhi, December 9-15th (solo)


INTACH award for logo and poster design competition Kemongsa Award (Seoul, South Korea), an international award for illustrations.

ARTWORKS BY Chaitali Chatterjee
The Musician
Product Code: CE101138 Size: 30" X 36" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 30000
Lal Dighi
Product Code: CE101137 Size: 30" X 40" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 25000
In the Woods
Product Code: CE101136 Size: 36" X 30" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 30000
Day Dreaming
Product Code: CE101135 Size: 42" X 30" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 30000
By the Window
Product Code: CE101133 Size: 30" X 35" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 25000
The Yellow Verandah
Product Code: CE101130 Size: 30" X 34" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 25000
The Highway
Product Code: CE101129 Size: 30" X 34" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 25000
The Grand Central
Product Code: CE101128 Size: 22" X 34" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 20000