Dilip Kadam
Dilip Kadam
Pune India
About Me

Creativity of an artist is a multifaceted activity. His devotion with art is well groomed with his craftsmanship and philosophy of life. Life is full of experiences.. and when the sensitive with mind interacts with the situations of life... his thought process begins to generate images. At some fine moment... he realizes, this is the subject which has engrossed my mind and soul. The quest for exploration of this subject becomes so demanding.. a series of paintings is born!
Dilip Kadam, a senior painter.. a professor and head of the department at Abhinava Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune.
He is an eminent comic illustrator and created more than six hundred comics for the renowned Amar Chitra Katha and other publications. All the subjects through these comics revolved around the epics of Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwat. Dilip thinks religious thoughts always invoked his inner-self. The great charismatic personalities and their wisdom enlightens him.
Especially he is in love with the character of Shri Krishna. Krishna as a brave warrior... Krishna as a shrewd diplomat.. Krishna as a great guru... Krishna as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu... God of Gods after all... a multifaceted and most colorful and adorable persona that he is!
So painting on this subject was so natural so obvious for Dilip Kadam. His creativity just bloomed and flourished in the affection of ‘Krishna’. In this series of paintings it is evidently seen that Radha-Kishna. Gopi-Krishna. Murali Manohar Krishna, are some of the images which are very close to his heart. The love and affection between Radha and Krishna has a very pride place in literature in poetry, in music and theater. Now Dilip Kadam’s beautiful oil paintings adorn various moods of Radha Krishna in the most soothing manner. The backgrounds are mystique and beautiful. The ebony, dark complexion of Krishna and the glow in the eyes of Radha is so complimentary. So gorgeous. For a true art lover these paintings are simply mesmerizing! A masterly creation!
I hope, Dilip Kadam gets an acclaim and a place of pride in the minds of art lovers.


1975 G.D.Art in Fine Art passed.
Now retired Faculty of fine art At abhinav Kala mahvidyalay, Tilak Road Pune


2007  Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2007  D.D. Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai
2010  Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2011 Kumarsawami Hall, CSMVS Mumbai
2011 Darpan Art Gallery Pune
2013 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2013 Darpan Art Gallery Pune
2001 Hotel Sun & Sand Pune
2006 Rudraksha Art Gallery Pune
2006 Art Today Gallery Pune
2007 Ray Art Gallery


Best Rank Award from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya In 1975.
Best Entry in Portrait in 1975
Amar Chitrakatha Award from Ex President Lt. B. D. Jatti at Delhi
An Award From President Lt. Gyani Zail Singh At Delhi 1983
An Award for Story Illustration in 1985 On the story of Saint Chokha Mela
An Award from Governer of Maharashtra, Mr. Alexander in 1999 for Mahabharata
An award from Shri Murali Manohar Joshi, In 2000, for Mahabharat
Illustrated Chitra-Katha of Mahabharat ( of 42 volumes )
Tulsi Ramayan ( of 5 volumes ) And Bhagwat ( 9 volumes )
Besides these also illustrated life stories of Heroes of Religion for Amar Chitra Katha Which are published for internationally
Currently illustrating many national fiction Heroes through comic and story books.
Completed 61 paintings for Amar Chitra Katha on indian History & Mythology.
Completed 42 Paintings On swami Vivekanand Jivan Charitra.

Radha Krishna 1
Product Code: CE100127 Size: 30" X 24" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 50000
Krishna 4
Product Code: CE100126 Size: 18" X 12" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 15000
Krishna 2
Product Code: CE100125 Size: 18" X 12" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 15000
Radha Krishna 2
Product Code: CE100124 Size: 72" X 48" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 240000
Bal Krishna
Product Code: CE100123 Size: 36" X 42" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 120000
Product Code: CE100122 Size: 30" X 24" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 50000
Product Code: CE100121 Size: 24" X 30" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 50000
Product Code: CE100120 Size: 30" X 36" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 75000
Krishna 6
Product Code: CE100119 Size: 18" X 24" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 30000