Iftekhar Raja
Iftekhar Raja
Mumbai India
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Known for unique paintings and  love of spirituality. Today, he can be claimed as an institution in himself. He is an inspiration to millions due to his unbelievable skills and aesthetic form of art.

Born on June 10 1955 at  Khamgaon,  Maharashtra,  India.  I.A.Raja is an Indian artist with extra ordinary skills. He holds an experience of 35 long years in endorsing this form of art. The art that is... beyond the human  imagination. At first go, everyone would find it difficult to digest and believe the way he paints.

You might be thinking what other way can an artist paint? His magic want... his paint brush, what else! Well, yes like all artists even I. A. Raja has his magic wand. But theres a bit of twist in the magic here. The magic wand this "Man of Miracle" uses is none but his FINGER and NAIL. Hard to believe? Watch the live demo to believe the unbelievable!

He paints on paper, wall, glass etc. merely with his fingers and nails. No formal training just some inspiration from the elements of the nature and now he is the artist un comparable. His inspiration is a divine energy which guides him to recreate the non-living and fill in the colours’ of life. Now, that’s what we call GOD GIFT.

Not only this, he also brought in the talent of his singing skill before the audience.   

He knows approx. 35,000 songs lying in between year 1950-1970 by heart. 

What more can anyone think of!! 

He acknowledged us that the roots of his painting lay in our ancient INDIAN culture. 

His work is a cut above the rest. His distinguishable artistic skill almost took away the breath of everyone present. 

He is one of the rarest artists to bend the traditional styling. His painting inspires us that nothing is impossible in this world. 

At the parting note, he ended winded up by inspiring all the students that they shouldnt get carried away with the negative things; should enjoy each & every moment of life and they are the future of our country. 

He hasnt restrained or confined himself to a specific genre of paintings. The subjects of his paintings are vast may it be emotions or nature, modern art, portraits and many more . He is truly versatile.

He has successfully showcased his work in all metro and important cites and town of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Pune, Nasik, Indore, Nagpur, Goa, Ujjain, etc.

  He says, ‘’what I paint is a form of art that is unique and roots of this art lie in our ancient INDIAN culture. So I am looking forward to see people learning this form of art and elevate our Indian culture to an international platform.’’


1-  Asian Paints Award  2005  ( 22nd paint conference, Mumbai)

2-   Bodhi Foundation Award  2007

3-   Indian Artist Network.  2007 ( Jakarta , Indonesia)

4-  Indian Artist Network.  2008  (Jakarta , Indonesia)

5- Chaitanya Foundation Award 2013

6-   Khamgaon Ratan 2014

7-   India Book Of Records 2014 (smallest finger painting)

8-   India Book Of Records 2014 (largest finger painting)

9-   Asia Book Of Records 2014 (largest finger painting)     

ARTWORKS BY Iftekhar Raja
Love Couple
Product Code: CE102297 Size: 15" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 17000
Product Code: CE102296 Size: 15" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 20000
Product Code: CE102295 Size: 15" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 12000
Product Code: CE102294 Size: 12" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 20000
Product Code: CE102293 Size: 24" X 12" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 18000
Product Code: CE102292 Size: 12" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 15000
Product Code: CE102291 Size: 12" X 24" Medium: Mixed Media On Backlite Price : INR 21000