Manik Chitriv
Manik Chitriv
Navi Mumbai India
About Me

Manik Chitriv very well defines his first name "Manik" which means a "Gem" in Hindi. This treasure was born on 30th April, 1950 in a small town of Balaghat in Madhyapradesh. He started creating his imaginations on Canvas much before he could understand the intricacies of human behaviour.

Although a Graduate in Law (LLB) from Sagar University, he was always interested to advocate the Case between his beloved Canvas & Brush .He had workedwith "Hindustan Copper Ltd" in a specialized designation of an Artist for 30 years & by gaining the experience through real time work which is the only certification & qualification he has in his Art field, he established himself as a born artist who has been painting for more than 60 years now. Due to his humble background, the medium of his paintings could have been anything as coal, charcoal, pencil, mud, oil paints, water colours painted on the surface as varied as wall, glass, paper, wood, cloth, canvases etc. Owning a real Tulika i.e the painting brush & Canvas was a distant dream for him during that time.

The Bohemian Artist who never works in the shackles of conventional ideas and who would always swim through the oceans of ideas & imaginations in the limitless forms. He works as a Scientist in his laboratory from where the newer & discreet experiments emerge in the infinite forms as that of a curvaceous beauty of a women, the shrinking & expanding changes in the Moon, the efforts of a bird in feeding their nestlings, the lonely sailor struggling with the powerful oceanic waves, the fawn looking at the fight in his herd. He created the spontaneous emotions on the canvas as if playing with the colours in the sky.

His Art defines its existence in a spontaneous yet methodical, simple yet intense, imaginative yet expansive, beautiful yet sober & creative yet impressive way. The Artist who is a sculptor, cartoonist, poet & a powerful orator, whose paintings are very aesthetically carved as the amalgamation of the stories, poems, plays, cinema, music, human behaviour, nature’s wonder & who is continuously inspired by everything & anything like politics, theatre, cinema, children, adults, elderly etc. His prominent art pieces makes its strong presence felt adequately in the form of oil paintings, sculptors, cartoons, poems, and writings are available in the remote locations of Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra in Rampayli, Champaran, Khairagarh & Kanha Kesli National Park. The huge mural arts sketched by him would make even the silent wall talk about its stories & which are still fresh & alive in the old buildings, temples & sanctuaries

ARTWORKS BY Manik Chitriv
Product Code: CE101857 Size: 67" X 40" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 500000
Product Code: CE101856 Size: 67" X 40" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 500000
Product Code: CE101855 Size: 70" X 40" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 800000