Prashanta Kumar Nayak
Prashanta Kumar Nayak
About Me

My work is inspired by the everyday; observations of objects, events, and experiences. Figures dominate the whole thinking process of my paintings with different subjects . May call are basically concerned with human figures , Mythology and religious stories. They are the intimacies and the complexities of life such as emotions, perceptions,  ideas, intellect, human conditions and interrelationships. The process allows me to reflect on the essence of the everyday. Through Explorations of these subjects, I  intend to suggest a sence of connections by juxtaposing seemingly unrelated objects, marks, and patterns. Ultimately, within the visual vocabulary, I wish to decipher the unknown from the known.


Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts (B.V.A.- Painting) from Government College of Arts & Craft under  the university of Calcutta in 2003 with First Class.


Government College of Art & Craft Annual Exhibition from 1999 to 2002.
Kolkata Information Centre from 2000 to 2002.
All Indian Fine Arts & Crafts Society, Kolkata 2001 to 2002.
Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkata 2000-2002 & New Delhi in 2003-2006.
Group Exhibition in Kolkata Information Centre 2002-2003.
Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2003-2009.
Young Artist Camp 2006 organized by Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi.
Group Show at Birla Academy of Arts & Culture, Kolkata 2004-2007
Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts 2001-2002 in Kolkata.
Group Exhibition at Sridharani Gallery 2004 -2008.
Group Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts & Literature 2006, 2008 (New Delhi).
Group Exhibition at Open Palm Court 2009,2011.
Group show at Travancore Palace 2010.
Group show at Visual Art Gallery 2011-2012.
Participated in Art Bangaluru 2012
Group show at Renaissance Gallerie Bangaluru 2012
Group show at Lokayata art gallery New Delhi 2012
Group show at Morpichh Art ,Houston, USA 2013.


SHRI RASH BEHARI DUTTA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP from Government College of Art & Craft in 2000.
SUNIL DAS SCHOLARSHIP from Government Collage of Arts & Craft in 2001 & Certificate of Merit.
DILIP DASGUPTA MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL AWARD from Government College of Art & Craft in 2002.
CERTIFICATE OF MERIT from Kolkata Information Centre in 2001.

ARTWORKS BY Prashanta Kumar Nayak
Product Code: CE102455 Size: 36" X 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 54000
Radha Krishna
Product Code: CE100391 Size: 36" X 24" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 45000