Santanu Maity
Santanu Maity
West Bengal India
About Me

I Opened my eyes to the world in 1979 at Tamluk, the ancient historic seaport Tamralipta, now on the banks of river Rupnarayan in West Bengal (India). I was drawn to art and painting for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, painting has always been a door to another new world. 

As a small boy I was rusticated from my art school because of my six months fees was due. But colours continue to give different shades on the canvas of my life ...colours of struggles, pains, doubts, uncertainty, hopes and defeats ... 

My struggle for existence leads me to the City of Joy - Kolkata, a home of art and culture. The colours and images of my subconscious mind, once again have gathered energy to become a powerful obsession and passion which compelled me to confess my unuttered emotions in the form of colours and strokes. 

I find my peace in painting and art. I talk and play with colors and strokes and they console me with affection. Painting for me is a form of self discovery, a way of exploring who I am and how I feel the world. There is so much beauty in all of GODs creations that I can not restrict myself in a particular theme...nature, creatures, women, flowers, rivers, birds whatever creeps into my mind, I try to catch them on my canvas. 

Painting is my confession room where I can surrender myself completely.

ARTWORKS BY Santanu Maity