Shrikant W Kolhe
Shrikant W Kolhe
Hyderabad India
About Me

It all started one rainy morning when I was fascinated seeing sunlight peep in through the gap of a partly open door. It’s this fascination that led to my journey into a world of light, shadows, and objects that define ‘LifeCorner’.
The sun is the creative source, the unfettered creativity of nature. It’s the ultimate metaphor for imaginative creation. Light determines the seasons and light stands for enlightenment. The sun is the source of light, the generative energy of all life and change, the personified source of the imagination, while artificial light is a substitute for sunlight, even it play a substantial role in my paintings. Bringing the magic of both sources of light, my paintings reflect the persona, moods and thought-process of a person without showing a person. The observer is part of this creative process and allows him or her to draw their own conclusions.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Applied Art Chitrakala Mahavidyala, Nagpur. 1983 - 87 
Art Teacher Diploma Directorate of Art, Maharashtra, Nagpur, 1987-88


Solo shows
Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai, 17 - 30 July 2013 (Saffronart this week) from 29th August – 5th September 2011
Artcafe, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, July 2011
Alankrita Art Gallery, Hyderabad, December 2007
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, August 2003

Joint shows
Trayaah, shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, Jan 2012
Hyderabad Art Gallery, Hyderabad, August 2008
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, September 2008
Hyderabad, Kala Mandir, June 2000

Group Shows 
Gallery Space, Hyderabad, Nov-Dec 2012
DeccanSqure, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, November 2012
Rainbow Art Gallery, Paryatak Bhavan, Hyderabad, November 2012
ArtFiesta, UAE, 2012
Group show @the Rainbow, Paryatak Bhavan, Hyderabad, September 2012
Gallery Space, Hyderabad, March-April 2012 
Tulika Art Gallery, 7 the Annual show at Jehangir Art Gallery, December 2011 
“Views”, International Group show at The Blue Art Gallery”, New Delhi, November 2011
“Small format” Group show, Gallery Space, Hyderabad, October 2011
“Talent unlimited” at Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore, September 2011
Srujan Group, Calcutta, May 2011
Gallery Space, Hyderabad, 2011
Art Maestros, New Delhi, 2010
Bridge South Africa, Icon Art Gallery, December 2010
South Africa, September 2010
Mantra Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, August 2010 
Soundaryam, Gallery Nakshatra, Calcutta, June-July 2010 
Hyderabad Hues - Contemporary Art from Hyderabad Ashvita Gallery, Chennai, June-July 2010
Within Reach II, Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi, May-July 2010
Tulika Arts, Mumbai, 2009
Studio Nepean, Mumbai, May 2009
Arvee Art Gallery, Pune, February 2009
Gallery Beyond, Mumbai, January 2009
Studio Nepean, Mumbai, 2008
Hyderabad, Scribble – Artist together, December 2003, 2004, 2005
Hyderabad, Kala Mandir, June 2000.
Hyderabad, Kala Mandir, 1996.
Hyderabad, Koratkar Art Gallery 1984


Hyderabad Art Society, All India Art Exhibition, 2010
Heart Animation Academy 1998, Caricature, Perspective (Honorable Mention)
Kaladirgha Art Exhibition, Tumser, 1988 (Cash Prize)
Kaladirgha Art Exhibition, Tumser, 1987 (First Prize)
Nagpur University Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1985, Certificate of Merit
Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, 1983-84, 1987-88, Student Category 
Certificate of Appreciation.
All India Art Exhibition, Raipur, 1983-84, Student Category, Cash Prize & Certificate of appreciation
C.M.V. Nagpur, Annual Exhibition, 87-88, Certificate of merit & Cash Prize (ATD).
C.M.V. Nagpur, Annual Exhibition, 86-87, Camlin Prize.
C.M.V. Nagpur, Annual Exhibition, 82-83, Certificate of merit.

ARTWORKS BY Shrikant W Kolhe
Life Corner
Product Code: CE102121 Size: 45" X 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 151870
Product Code: CE100762 Size: 20" X 20" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 50000
Product Code: CE100761 Size: 36" X 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 135000
Product Code: CE100760 Size: 36" X 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 135000
Product Code: CE100759 Size: 59" X 27" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 160000
Product Code: CE100758 Size: 48" X 48" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 240000
Product Code: CE100757 Size: 48" X 48" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 240000
Product Code: CE100756 Size: 24" X 24" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 60000