Umakant Kanade
Umakant Kanade
Pune India
About Me

Kanade’s paintings usually depict elements of nature in their most bare and basic forms. Working primarily in ink on canvas. The artist painfully labourers to bring out the texture of each rock or bird that he portrays through minute strokes. Speaking about his work, he says “I have tried to explain a concept through these drawings. When I look at stone, I think of tolerance, its patience, its strength to be able to bear the storms. I think even stones depict sensitivity, and are part of life, seeing the colorful world in black and white. Observing tones and colors and then converting them into black and white is a difficult task.”


1990 G. D. Art Painting (First Class), Abhinav Kala Mahavidyala, Pune 


2010 Rennissions Art  Gallery, Pune
2010 Rang Art Gallery, Delhi 
2009  Hotel Sun & Sein ART Gallery, Pune
2006 Hotel Pali Hill, Mumbai
2005 Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore
2003 Hussain Art Gallery, Pune
2003 Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Pune
2002  Studios Art Gallery, Pune
1990 Balgandharava Kala Dalan, Pune

2012- DD Neroy , Mumbai
2012- Aura arts, Mumbai
2012- Artic vision, Mumbai
2012- Renaissamnce art gallery pune
2012- Art fiesta, UAE
2012- Indian art guru london
2012-My Indian art kolkata
2012-Tiltingart gallery, Ishanya mall pune
2012- Art invest Mumbai
2011 ICA Gallery, Jaipur
2011- Tulika Art  gallery, Mumbai
2011- Rang Art Gallery, Delhi
2011- Exclussive.In Art Gallery,USA 
2009  Art 2 Day Gallery Pune 
2009Aravi Art Gallery, Pune 
2009  Art 2 Day Gallery Pune 
2009Aravi Art Gallery, Pune 
2006 Malaka Spice, Pune
2006 Virgo Art Gallery, Patna
2005 The Nag Art Festival
2005 Korinath Club
2005 Rudraksha Art Gallery
2002  Taj Blue Diamond, Pune
Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune
1999 Ganesh Festival, Pune
1998 Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune
1990 Balgandharava Art Gallery, Pune

2012 ICA Gallery, Jaipur
2012 State Art Exhibition
2011 Cedars Art Gallery, Pune        
2010 New Art Gallery, Pune
2010 Bombay Art Society
2009  Nag Foundation Ishanya Mall, Pune 
2009 ICA Gallery, Jaipur
2009 State Art Exhibition
2009 India Art Summit, Delhi
2008 Bombay Art Society
2007 State Art Exhibition
2007 Bombay Art Society
2006 Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai
2005 Virgo Art Gallery,  Lucknow
2005 State Art Exhibition
2003 Chitari Academy
2003 State Art Academy
2003 Bombay Art Society
2003 Solakri Art, Mumbai
2002 Indian Pharmacy Conference
2001 State Art Exhibition                                              
2001 Constro, Pune
2000 V.V. Oak
2000 Bombay Art Society
1999 South Central Zone
1999 Bombay Art Society
1998 V.V. Oak
1998 South Central Zone
1998 State Art Exhibition
1997 Bombay Art Society
1997 South Central Zone
1996 State Art Exhibition
1996 Bombay Art Society


1998 Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Miniature painting
V.V. Oak, Pune 
Merit Award, South Central Zone, Nagpur
Merit Award, Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune
Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

ARTWORKS BY Umakant Kanade
Product Code: CE101752 Size: 36" X 36" Medium: Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Price : INR 110000
Nature 3
Product Code: CE100600 Size: 24" X 24" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price : INR 60000