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Vinod Sharma
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“For me landscape is merely painting. With my background in graphics, technique is important to me. Etching, lithography, silk screen and hence the linear effect in my painting otherwise there are no preconceptions for composition, it is automatically there.”

“I paint in oil, large in size canvasses, my subject for last thirty years is landscape, call it rocks capes if you like. Earlier it was through a window, now the window is gone and canvass is a wide vision.

“Rocks fascinate me, I want to capture their character, the feel, do experimentation with the forms, layers, colour. Rocks are no more hues of gray, they are orange, blue, green etc.”
- Vinod Sharma.


When I first saw Vinod Sharma’s wide panoramic beautiful landscape painting it seemed the work of person from Tibet, Leh or Ladakh. His landscape paintings for last three decade have been like that- with lakes, vast open sky, beautiful rocks, their shadows, play of light and shade, wrinkles and textures no trees no human no animal, and fascinating wide panorama.

No the collector said the artist is living in Delhi only,

There one wonders how frequently he has visited an actual landscape of such visual dimensions.

Never, till very recently.

Let us put asides, for a while, his technique of painting and his background as a graphic artist. Let us look at what is actually taking the shape out of his imagery. It is the similarity and consistency of visual, the rock laden mountains. It is the intensity and multitude of colours and forms. Now the multitude of colour used in Vinod’s landscapes again is not surreal, it is in fact a reality in the land called the roof of the world (Tibet). Colour in this part of the world does change with every passing moment, and change quite dramatically in their hue and tonal values. Even people living in this dramatic landscape are equally mysterious. They are quite, calm and unperturbed. All this comes together in a visual metaphor to qualify Vinod’s landscape.

True to the belief of Buddhists that our consciousness travels to unknown places and meets unknown people he must have lived there or has some latent consciousness about that part of the world.

ARTWORKS BY Vinod Sharma
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Product Code: CE102041 Size: 36" X 36" Medium: Oil on Canvas Price : INR 450000