Taking Care of Original Oil Paintings
Most of us have few oil paintings decorated on our walls that give an elegant look to our house. Although they might not be from famous artists like Picasso or Pollock but they are still precious to us. Thus their care and preservation is quite important. Over the time the oil painting tends to deteriorate or gets damaged due to lack of proper handling. Like other precious objects the paintings also requires a special care and attention toward their handling and preservation.
Careful transportation of the painting
The most important thing is the proper handling of the master piecethat decorates your house - Transportation of the painting must be done appropriately. It is generally advisable to use water proof cases and insulating pads to prevent the painting to get damaged from harsh weather condition or moisture in the climate. Most of the art galleries use the same tricks to preserve their valuable art pieces. While transporting the oil paintings from one place to another, the art piece must be wrapped and cushioned properly so that it might not get damaged due to travel jerking. Also the transportation of the painting must be done under appropriate weather conditions. Extremely humid or dried conditions can affect the oil painting.
Choosing the hanging place carefully
Oil paintings are not meant for filling vacant space on the wall but hanging the oil painting at appropriate place can enhance the beauty of the wall. The paintings are never advised to be hanged on damaged or damped walls because the moisture in the wall can damage the oil painting. As oil painting develop cracks in extremely  hot conditions thus the oil paints must never be keep in proximity to kitchen or fire place. Along with it the paintings must also be placed away from the source of water as it might spoil the art piece.  The direct sun rays causes the fading effect due to ultra violet rays thus it is generally suggested to keep the painting away from direct sunlight. The best option is to place the painting on the wall with low level of sun exposure. Instead of using big nails, hooks must be used to hang the picture as inserting nails can develop cracks in the painting while using hook provides extra support without any threat of damage. The dust deposited over the oil painting must be cleared regularly using soft brushes or Chinese bristled brush.  If the canvas is deposited with soil then the best alternative is to consult with a professional conservator. The professional conservator is skilled and equipped to repair and clean the oil painting without any damage.
Thus in order to preserve the oil paintings for a long time, proper care and preservation is required.  With the above mentioned tips and tactic you can preserve your precious collections of oil paintings. A little care can give a long life to your valuable oil paintings.