Easy ways of making Acrylic Paint Look like Watercolor
An artist generally tends to use acrylic paints rather than simple water color. The reason behind this is very simple. The artist knows that how sensitive watercolors are and once a mistake is made using them, it is very difficult to correct it.
Merits of acrylic color over water color
While using acrylic color or oil paint you can easily cover up such blemish or spot in your painting. The other major problem that most of the artist experiences when they work using water color is that the colors do not blends well with other color and the blended colors looks muddy which directly affects the appearance and sense of your art piece.   Too much use of water color in the paper can result in tearing of the sheet. The water used in water color weakens the sheet and makes your painting look amateurish. If you are deciding to make a portrait or landscape with several layers of paints then using water color is a bad idea. One cannot perform layering and glazing using water color which can be done easily using acrylic colors or oil paints.  Water color can help you to learn the first step of painting but the maturity in the painting can be attained using acrylic paints. Most of the artists recommend using acrylic color instead of water color to make your painting look artistically astute and real.canada discount pharmacy
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It is easy to make the acrylic paint look and act like water color. The acrylic paint is diluted to the point till the thick pigment of the acrylic paint becomes transparent. Once diluted the acrylic paint supports the medium. A little acrylic paint with diluted with water, when used in paper instead of water color gives an amazing look. The quality of water used to dilute the pigment depends on the type of color. Some take small quantity of water while some requires huge quantity of water to be mixed. With the diluted acrylic color one can easily use several layers of color in painting and make the painting look more glazing.
Few tips of making acrylic paints look like water color
  • Although the diluted acrylic paints helps in creating amazing effect in the painting but it dries faster. Thus it is advisable to use a dry brush to remove the dried paint.
  • Acrylic flow medium must be added to acrylic color to create a water color effect.
  • When the same colored paint is used numerous times for layering it creates shadow and dark effect.
  • White paint is not advisable to use while using acrylic color to create water color effect.
  • While using wet brush on diluted acrylic color it is not advisable to agitate the under lying color.
Thus using diluted acrylic color instead the water color is simple a good idea for beginners to create amazing paintings.