BRUSHSTROKES 2013, CG - Raipur
BRUSHSTROKES 2013 – CG Raipur – Phase 1
Launch of colourentice academy

BRUSHSTROKES 2013 – CG Raipur – Phase 2
National art exhibition at Dept of Culture

‘Brushstrokes 2013 CG’ is the seventh straight show, and first in Raipur, organized by  ‘colourentice.com’, in almost equal number of months.
This exhibition of the finest contemporary art by artists from around the country and exquisite folk art from the hinterlands of India, at the "Art Gallery", Department of Culture, MGM Museum, Civil Lines, opposite Raj Bhawan, Raipur between October 04-06, 2013, brought together more than fifty artists from across India including seven contemporary stalwarts from Chhattisgarh, displaying an eclectic mix of theme, styles, isms, genres etc. The art exhibition is being conducted in association with Audi Raipur and with support from the Ministry of Culture, Chhattisgarh Government.

The exhibition here, in Raipur, is expected to be chock-a-block with high quality contemporary art works and commendable draftsmanship. With deliberate attempt to travel these shows to different cities and include the local artists, ‘colourentice.com’ intends to offer the much-admired diversity and facilitate a dialogue with the local art enthusiasts.
Noted artist and a school teacher by profession Dr Dhruva Tiwary at javascript:nicTemp();https://www.hillsfarmacy.com/, who was the prime facilitator of this stunning show locally, has his enticing works on display besides five other Chhatissgarh Artists. The others included Sanju Jain, Yogendra Tripathi, Hukum Lal Verma, Mahesh Sharma and Anand Tahenguria
Sadhu Aliyur, Rina Mustafi, Dhiren Sasmal, Gopal Chowdhury, Jagannath Paul, Shrikant Kohle, Prashant Nayak, Prashant Yumpure, Samir Sarkar, Shekhar Ballari and many others represent the Indian contingent. 
The Art Gallery was enveloped with a visual extravaganza that extended a warm invite, invigorated the visitors and added colours to their life. The exhibition is on view from October 04 - 06, 2013.


This is an excellent initiative by colourentice to get colours from all across the country to Raipur. It is a beautiful collection of art and should inspire many artists from Chhattisgarh.
Dr (Smt) Sushmita Dutt,
Honourable First Lady,
State of Chhattisgarh
Stunning, bold and exquisite.. Marvelous display of colours.
Dr Mahesh Sharma,
Dean, Painting Department,
Khairagarh Art University

Really impressive and flamboyant collection from colourentice. Beautiful experience for artists and students.
Dr Dhruva Tiwary
Art Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya